Summer Camp 2023 Snow Clothing


I’m sitting at my kitchen table writing this while waiting out yet another Little Cottonwood Canyon closure, because of too much snow! With over 800 inches so far for the season, and a little less than a month to go, the Alta Children’s Center is dreaming of what we will be doing at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon during the bright 75-degree summer days… and wondering just how much snow will still be there.

Because of our record-shattering snow year, we have made a few changes to our packing list for your kiddos.

Snow gear is cumbersome and way too hot. Please send your children with a lightweight pair rain pants and a rain jacket. We recommend a pair carried by Recreation Outlet, here is link to one on Amazon as well Hatley Childrens' Splash Pants,: Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry  Please consider that your kiddos will be wearing these items over their regular clothes in direct sunlight on relatively warm days. 

A pair of gloves is highly recommended. The ones that your kids wear skiing will work fine.

Playing in the snow during sunshine days causes sunburn on EYES, this is very painful! To avoid this, we require that you send your child with a high-quality pair of sunglasses with a neck strap while the snow is melting. We recommend a pair available on Amazon by Acbluce. ACBLUCE Kids Polarized Sunglasses Boys Girls Sport TPEE Unbreakable Frame with Adjustable Strap for Age 6-12 : Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry 

As always, a floppy sun hat is a great addition to your kiddos summer attire, but a ball cap or hat with a brim works great too.

FINALLY!!!!! Please clearly mark all items you send with your kiddo to camp WITH THEIR FULL NAME, and preferably a phone number. Our lost and found box grows huge, and we’d love to get those items back to you, it makes our success so much easier when we can find a name on an item.

Looking forward to an amazing, snowy summer camp!!

       Ilse, Mike, Isabel and the entire Summer Camp staff.