A Look at our Camp


Summer Camp

Here are a few of the adventures we have planned for this summer:

  • Each camp will have a theme of Rocks, Sticks, Birds, Water, and Plants.
  • Hikes are combined with an activity and learning goal that is enviromentally and science focused.
  • The children will be writing congressmen on the importance of enviromental preservation, and journal each day.
  • In conjunction with Alta bird enthusiasts, learn about the species around Alta and make feeders.
  • Art will include a variety of open-ended activities.
  • Children will go on picnics too!
  • Every week will be different as the nature around us changes. We will do a variety of fun things throughout the summer, like make ice cream in a bag, wlaking sticks, solar ovens, leaf rubbings, Twig boat races, Music in the mountains, First Aid Kits, etc.
  • We go on a hike twice a day! Play in nature and be free spirited children of the earth.