A Look at our Camp

Summer Camp

Here are a few of the adventures we have planned for this summer:

  • Each camp will make their own paper to write journals
  • We will make art and sell it at the Grill and booths, so raise money for the Forest Service
  • The Wasatch Wildflower festival is July 28th (http://cottonwoodcanyons.org/wasatch-wildflower-festival/) and we will have a booth at the Wildflower festival and Kid's Day out day - yay!
  • The children will be writing congressmen on the importance of environmental preservation
  • In conjunction with Hawk Watch International make bird houses and have bird education done.
  • Smokey Bear visits on fire prevention importance.
  • Art will include a variety of open ended activities.
  • Every hike will have a goal in mind that is science related.
  • Children will go on picnic's too!
  • We will do fun things like make ice cream in a bag, lanterns, walking sticks.