Sleep Away Week

Sleep Away Week

The week of August 2, will be our first sleep away camp.

Join us for Sleep-Away week for 4 nights the week of August 2nd. Only 16 spots are available to camp with us at Tanner Flats Camp Ground in Little Cottonwood Canyon.  Cost for overnight is $245 per child, everything included.  This will be registered for separately from the day camp on that week.

The Utah State Rules and Regulations that The Alta Children’s Center is required to follow during sleep and off-site activities are:

R381-60-22. Rest and Sleep.

  • The provider shall use a separate cot, mat, or other sleeping equipment for each child during nap times.
  • When in use, the provider shall place sleeping equipment such as cots, and mats at least two feet apart.
  • The provider shall ensure that sleeping equipment does not block exits.
  • The provider shall clean and sanitize sleeping equipment before each use.

R381-60-18. Activities.
If offsite activities are offered, the provider shall ensure that: the parent gives written consent before each activity;

  • the required caregiver-to-child ratio and supervision are maintained during the entire activity;
  • first aid supplies, including at least antiseptic, bandages, and tweezers are available;
  • children wear or carry with them the name and phone number of the center;
  • children's names are not used on nametags, t-shirts, or in other visible ways; and
  • there is a way for caregivers and children to wash their hands with soap and water, or with wet wipes and hand sanitizer if there is no source of running water.
  • The provider shall ensure a caregiver with the children takes the written emergency information and releases for each child in the group on each offsite activity, and that the information includes at least: the child's name; the parent's name and phone number; the name and phone number of an individual to notify if an emergency happens and the parent cannot be contacted; the names of people authorized by the parents to pick up the child; and current emergency medical treatment and emergency medical transportation releases.

Benefits of Sleep Away Camp

  • Sleepover camp boosts kids’ confidence
  • Sleepover camp builds resilience
  • Overnight camp is where kids make friends and boost their social skills
  • They’ll spend tons of time in nature



6 Ways to Deal with a Homesick Kid

It’s normal for kids to miss their bed, parents, dog or favourite meal while at sleep-away camp. With the help of trained counsellors, new friends and fun activities, those feelings usually resolve, say camp directors. But there are a few things parents can do to keep homesickness at bay.

  1. Visit the campsite prior to the session starting. We will accommodate a family that wants to get a sneak peek.  
  2. Make a pact with your child that they’ll stick it out. “Don’t give them an out—make the commitment” Knowing they’re in it for the session goes a long way toward them making the most of camp. (If they really hate it, they don’t have to return next summer.)
  3. Send kids with pictures of home and family. They can look at them when they’re feeling lonely.
  4. Sign up for the same session as a friend, sibling or cousin. Having a familiar face at camp can help the first time go more smoothly.
  5. Send plenty of letters to your kid. But don’t include details that could trigger homesickness or anxiety. Refrain from talking about the amazing trip to Europe you took or about how the dog is fretting over missing them.
  6. Have a chat. We will let a child call home if they are extremely homesick. From experience, after the call, most children decide to stay.
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